Works for Art


The mission of our division Works for Art is to support research and production in the artworld to provide spaces, know-how, supply network to promote collaboration in our Company. The invitation is open to creative people from different fields and approaches.

Innovation, professionalism and quality of work are our aims.


We collaborate with cultural and artistic institutions also representing commercial brands creating original artworks. Our aim is to work together with artists, patrons and other Companies to realize artworks, installations, scenography which require artisan knowledge in the use of any type of material including technologies components wherever necessary using.

Our premises

Our work takes place in. In this 2.000 square meters we provide temporary and long stay periods for developing projects with artists, designers and architects. For them we provide a complete office package (Wi-Fi, secretary, desk, break area, etc…) and a laboratory for create works in different materials.

Spazio Shed

As part of our spaces and services, we offer Spazio Shed, an ex-industrial warehouse we redeveloped with passion without to losing any of its original characters and identity. Spazio Shed is an essential part of our idea of creativity and it’s now available for exhibitions, photo shooting and events, also for rent. The space is about 260 square meters with a modern fireplace, air conditioning system and space for catering service, in add to a little external area and parking.